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Five Reasons Microsoft Should Still Fear Google

This morning on, Staff Corespondent Joseph Tartakoff posted five reasons why Microsoft doesn’t have to worry about Google’s new ChromeOS. Most of them are just wrong, in my opinion, and here’s why: Windows 7 is Not Vista: I agree, Windows 7 is going to do much better in the marketplace than Vista did, but [...]

Google AdSense: When does advertising go too far?

An article posted at last Friday discusses a new advertising venture from Google which targets ads to users based on those users’ credit scores. This new deal involves a parnership with, a company that tracks online activity and personal data of approximately 2 million users who consented to having their information shared with [...]

Barack Obama – The Rock On Which We Rebuild This House

President Obama came to Georgetown University this morning, where he made what has been referred to as a “major speech” on the economy. The event was held in GU’s Gaston Hall, which holds about 700 people. Of the literally thousands of students who put their names into the lottery for tickets to the event I [...]

Who Cares If Software Is Free (As In Speech)?

Going around a lot of the social bookmarking sites like Digg and Slashdot lately has been an article by Richard Stallman, in which he waxes on and on about the current state of javascript applications across the web. Stallman’s primary thesis is that there should be some sort of standard for javascript that requires javascript [...]

How Twitter can start to turn a profit

Twitter is huge these days. It seems like every other week you hear about another venture capital firm pumping a few million dollars into the service, and as of this writing, Wikipedia reports that around $55 million of venture capital is currently invested. With every one of these stories, you also hear the story about [...]

Why Everyone Should Learn C++ First

About two weeks ago, an article from a blog I read fairly regularly made its way on to the Digg frontpage. It was the opinions of an experienced software developer about what programming languages someone who is just getting started in software development should learn. Many comments on this post questioned the omission of c/c++ [...]