New Project! Announcing

So it has been ages since I’ve posted anything to this website. Mostly I’m really busy with work and stuff, but lately I’ve also been busy building a new web property. About six weeks ago, I, along with my friends Tom, Chris, and John launched Nerd News And Reviews. This is a new site where we will talk about the video games we’re playing, the movies we’re watching, the comics we’re reading, and anything else we find interested enough to write about.

Part of the idea is for the four of us to have a venue that we can use to keep in touch with each other and continue our friendship, despite living in very different parts of the country.  The other part of the idea is to generate dialog between people about things they like.  Most people who check things out here probably know about the site already, but if you don’t, please stop by and poke around for a while.  Engage us, because we certainly want to engage with you.  Tell us stuff you want to see, read, and learn about.  Send us cool stuff you like and think we might like too.  We want it to be a community, so come and play.

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