Five Reasons Microsoft Should Still Fear Google

This morning on, Staff Corespondent Joseph Tartakoff posted five reasons why Microsoft doesn’t have to worry about Google’s new ChromeOS. Most of them are just wrong, in my opinion, and here’s why:

  • Windows 7 is Not Vista: I agree, Windows 7 is going to do much better in the marketplace than Vista did, but the strengths of Windows 7 are not going to be on netbooks, but on high speed computers that have processing power to spare for all of the nice new features the OS offers.
  • Microsoft is working on its own browser-based OS: Microsoft May be conducting research into new browser technologies and implementations, but they will never commit to a complete browser-based operating system, and that is because with a browser-based system, programs no longer become platform specific. Suddenly nobody needs Windows to run Microsoft Office, a majority of games, and nearly all business apps, and Microsoft loses.
  • Google will be busy competing with Ubuntu: You seem to suggest that Google only has the capacity to fight a single-front war. To be sure, Google will be trying to leverage market share from Ubuntu, but I can imagine it won’t be any larger priority than Windows. Google wants market share, plain and simple, and that share is found down the path of least resistance. Ubuntu has a solid netbook implementation, while Windows does not. Google recognizes this and will target those users first (all the while pointing out that ChromeOS is a lot more free than Windows).
  • Fully web-based Chrome OS cannot run Windows apps: This is true, but when you think about it, how well does Windows on a netbook run Windows apps? It’s a slow platform that offers sluggish results, unless you stick to things like Office and the web. Netbooks are aimed at people who want to do word processing, web browsing, and watch the occasional movie, and with HTML5, Google can do all of those things in a browser with minimal effort.
  • Google has not succeeded against Microsoft in the past: *cough*choke* I’m sorry what? Google hasn’t succeeded in the past? Google search? Gmail? Chrome? Google search has clearly surpassed Microsoft’s search offerings, and while Gmail and Chrome currently have smaller market share than the Microsoft equivalents, look at the history of each: Hotmail launched in 1997, while gmail opened to the public in 2007. In 2 years, gmail’s number of registered users has reached half of what Hotmail’s have reached in 12. As for Chrome, yeah, it has low market share, but it was released less than a year ago and has already taken share from IE, a browser that comes preinstalled on 90% of computers sold in the last ten years.

Edit: Misattributed the original article. This has been fixed

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